Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How Democrats Can Win in Delco

For twenty-one years I’ve been a Democratic activist in Delaware County PA.  First as chairman of the Radnor Township Democratic Committee (1990-4); then as Chairman of the Delaware County Democratic Party (1994-2010) and now as chairman of the SouthEast Delaware Co. Dem. Committee. (2007- now).  During those years I’ve organized and coordinated and in forty-two election cycles (primaries and generals).  Democrats have lost most of those (except for carrying the county for President and twice for Congress (Joe Sestak) and a few state legislators.  In odd numbered years when municipal and school district contests comprise the ballot Democrats in Delaware County tend to lose the majority of those they contest.  There are some municipalities that are solidly Democrat and Republicans can’t win.  There are few that are truly competitive where either party could win but most are solidly and often uncontestedly Republican.

So why do Democrats lose in Delaware County?  The registration in the county when I first became involved in 1990 was just a bit over 25% Democrat; it is now over 43% and only two percentage points or 10,000 voters less than Republican. But Democrats still lose countywide. Why?

First, we usually have few real candidates and we fill out tickets with place holders who party leaders feel are important. We need candidates that want to run, want to serve and will devote in some cases  two years, 24-7, to winning an office which they have ideas to use for specific purposes. I believe that a candidate on the ballot who does not intend to work and doesn’t really care about winning is a drag on a ticket and one is better off without them.   Similarly we are better off running no candidate than one with negatives whose baggage will become the issue in the campaign.

Second, we need to present a clear and simple message on an issue that resonates with voters.  In the midst of this Great Recession the matter of the county foreclosure process is such an issue and was used creatively by a judicial candidate in 2009.  It should have been followed up and pursued in 2011.  Even more the county Democrats need to begin to speak out on controversial subjects that will offend some but will get the attention of voters and in the long run win out. For example, the consolidation of our municipalities as it makes no sense for forty-nine local governments to be doing the same things within the county.  A fair consolidation can be worked out with local Councils that have district representatives (which would actually give people better representation than the current at-large systems that most of our municipalities have) a county police force with local police headquarters and a county wide fire department with local community firehouses;. similarly, regional libraries.  All these could reduce local government costs and lead to a reduction in local property taxes.

Third, we need to stop using the old tired worn-out strategies.  We shouldn’t spend our time trying to get Republicans to votes for us.  Focus on registered Democrats and non-Partisan voters and moderate/independent Republicans will come along. We need a real GOTV plan or a GOOV (Get Out Our Vote) plan doesn’t mean putting people in front of polling places to say hello to those whom the Republican machine drags out but getting one phone caller and one door knocker per precinct to work election day to get our voters out. 

Fourth, at the county wide level, we need to raise serious funds to do mail and name recognition signs and massive lit drops.  You can’t go door to door in over 400 precincts.  But you do have to do the other things.  That includes campaigning at any event even those that the Republican machine over the years has scared candidates away from.  The model here is Sestak2006.  Since he was new to politics in the county, he didn’t know what he couldn’t do, so he did everything that made sense and he won. 

Now let me make clear that too often over these past twenty-one years I have made these mistakes. Once I began to focus on Folcroft I ran candidates sometimes who really didn’t care and did nothing putting the burden on the few who did.  That didn’t work.  When I knew we had a winning message I allowed those who did care to veer off the message and try the old technique of pictures and bio material instead of banging away at the message. In 2009 we raised $20,000 but we didn’t do much door to door and we never honed our message - we increased the Democratic turnout but not by enough. In 2011 the Council candidates did extensive door to door and we stayed on the message Repeal the Boro Income Tax - we won.

Democrats can win in Delaware County.  Sestak, Vitali, Lentz, Davidson  and Spingler have won races that were thought likely not winnable; four of those were against entrenched incumbents. They also followed another model - that of Bob Edgar, the Democratic Congressman from 1976-1986.  He recruited activists who were interested in his campaign either due to his personal charisma or an issue they and he cared about.  They became Edgar people and they fueled the campaigns as did the Sestak volunteers of 2006 and Obama volunteers of 2008.  They coordinated their efforts with the county party structure and therefore in turn with the local committee structure (which during my years as chairman were part of a unitary county party not 49 pieces). By building their own field organizations of volunteers they were not burdened by the “we tried that before and it didn’t work” refrain of too many committee chairs and persons, or the parochial turf envy of local committees and the paranoia of local leaders seeing new volunteers as threats to their party titles.

Democrats with the right message and candidates with a profile that excites voters can win in this last bastion of northeastern suburban Republicanism.  Not because the voters want to exchange the worn out corrupt Republican machine with a Democratic version but rather because the voters are offered something new - an old fashioned concept of a public service oriented candidate whose value and beliefs are more important than party affiliation.

7 Dec. 2011


  1. Fifth- We need to get rid of Landau and his clueless club of cronies.

    One minor correction: Sestak DID court Republicans actively, and distanced himself from Dem candidates in the heavier GOP districts like Ridley, where the campaign refused to participate in joint lit drops. (I know, because I got into an argument with the 2006 field director over this very point.)

  2. Long ago a phila. councilman name blackwell showed and toruth me that it's door by door block block and I,am learning it's also it's county by county this is how we must do to win, Cliff you'r 100% right.

  3. Very well said.. I would also add that a good strong tone, message and collaboration resonates with the leader. It will be sometime when Delco actually unifies and start winning at a massive level, like the GOP, who has it down to a science and it's workers follow through with the work and funding efforts. Strategy almost always start with it's leaders, followed by support and guidance. We do not have that now at the county level.

  4. Throw in perfectly timed raids and backing by a former US President and that's all the democrats need to win a race here in delco!

  5. Obviously all that is out the window now with the Repugs having fashioned the most gerrymandered district in the nation, cleverly carving out Swarthmore and most other Democratic strongholds.